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Children of the Dragon

Welcome to a livejournal community for role players from the Red Dragon Inn on the Netcentral.net site. Back in the day, it was a great place to meet and chat with like minded people, rp original and cannon characters, all genres, storylines and styles mixed and mingled in a way that was unforgetable.
Now Accepting Applications From Non-RDIers

IC and OOC relationships grew: friendships, personal relationships...
and some crumbled.
Join Us. Many of the old players are finding their way in. If you want more information you may contact me (Cindy) at pandoraxstrange@gmail.com.
Once you join and are accepted, please do the following questionaire as a copy and paste into an OOC post in the community (#5 is completely optional to answer):

1. Name, nickname or handle from the RDI days:
2. Characters played:
3. Fondest memory(ies) of the Inn:
4. Reason I joined this community:
5. Where has life taken me since the Inn closed down?

Please use the tag "ooc intro post" without the quotation marks. Thanks!

No God Moding. No calling damage on another player's character. Play/chat nice. If you post IC and it is risque or there is questionable content, please put it behind an LJ cut with a warning of it's content in the link line to the post. Also, any long posts should be placed behind a cut, just to save loading during busy posting times on our friend's pages.


cinfully pandoraxstrange@gmail.com (Mon - Fri, days, some Sundays)
beliallarmenoir candlemakingx@gmail.com (Mon - Fri, evenings)
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