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Sage to Meri, and to a lesser degree, Oila

Did he give her booze?
He should have known better. Now he blamed himself for allowing the gunslinger access to alcohol. He knew damn well what a mouth she had on her, particularly when she was drunk, and while she wasn't there yet, she was soon to be. And it hurt her that he had ignored her. This girl who claimed to have no feelings whatsoever bruised like a peach and now the pain was coming out through an alcohol soaked mouth.

He rubbed his chin slightly.
Perhaps he could handle things one way... keep ignoring her rants, pass her off as a drunken crazy woman. But no, she'd get more beligerent and that would simply not do. That would end in a dead gunslinger, or perhaps a dead cripple if others took up a fight against him.
And contrary to popular belief, he didn't want her dead.

He looked up at Oila.
"Uh, serving girl-person-whose-name-I-don't-give-a-shit-to-remember-right-now, go get me a snifter of Daedric Brandy. Room temperature. I keep it under the serving glasses in the cabinet to the left. Thanks."

But his eyes had only glanced up at her. For the most part his eyes had been trained on the gunslinger, as though afraid that the rabid ferret of a woman would pounce if his eyes strayed from her.
Proof to anyone who knew either of them that yes, he indeed knew her . All too well.

"The issue is not whether or not I remember a woman that I've shared a bed with, as many of my memories are altogether too vivid and real. But I remember being in beds and even remember the Fallen."
His eyes dimmed. He didn't want to remember this tonight. He was getting angry.

"How badly you must have loved him. In a way that you would never admit, even to yourself, that when he died, he just brought your heart with him. And so you may have shared a bed with a cripple in a past life, Miss, and perhaps he was as dashing and dapper as me, but sharing a mattress doesn't matter as much as sharing your heart, so as long as you want to dig into the past, perhaps you're interested in discussing why you don't remember how badly the pain tore you when you finally opened up to someone and then he died on you.... again."

He settled back in his chair.
He was just trying to chase ALL of his customers out tonight, wasn't he?

He leaned forward in his chair, the elbows resting on the arms of the chair.

"Or maybe.. just maybe... not everything is about you. It's possible that I make decisions in life about what degree I acknowledge people based on decisions that have nothing... at all... to do... with some chick with a gun or two."


Apr. 5th, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
oh jaysus, there isn't a 'nice' bone in his entire body...


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