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to Sage...going around the room

Her mouth opened to say all she wanted was the food, but she clamped her mouth shut again since he was being generous. Oila hadn't expected to be hired permanently. But if he was willing to give her a room...

"Thank you," she replied, not wanting to say she wasn't sure how long she'd be here.

She small hands wrapped the apron aronud her waist, showing that she did indeed have a figure even if she looked waifish and breakable.Her dress wasn't short, nor was it too long to not show she had a decent pair of legs. In fact, if it weren't for the skittishness in her kalidescope eyes, she was attractive. She didn't have as ample a bosom as Sidda had had, but it was good enough. The mention of showing her cleavage made her blush slightly.

Moving behind the bar, she quietly walked up to the two men at the bar. The was a tension there that something might break out. She quickly grabbed Baron's glass of melting ice and dumped it clean. She refilled it with ice, and refilled it with whatever it was he had been drinking. She had noted the bottle when Sage had served him. She gaze quietly for a moment at Jacob.

"Sir, would you like more wine?"

She was used to tension. She had walked on eggshells her entire marriage. But that was over, and she knew how to handle some sort of tension.

Right now, the Preacher and the Gunslinger seemed content in conversing and watching the possibility of a fight. She would tend to them soon enough. Both had a bottle, so it wasn't like they needed something right away.

She had noted the beautiful young woman, and hoped she wouldn't feed the small fire that had been lit between the two at the bar.


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